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MTS provides a wide range of roadside services to keep you going!!!

Lock Outs

Keys locked in the vehicle? No problem! Our experienced technicians can unlock your vehicle in minutes without damag. In SOME cases keys locked in the trunk might need a locksmith referral.

Flat Tires

Don't get stranded because of a flat tire! We offer roadside assistance for flat tires.This service consist of changing out your spare and or airing up your low tire(S) to get you back on the road.


Car will not turn over/Dead battery? We can get you going with a boost of energy from our jumper box/cables.(12 volt systems only) Lets try not to be late to your next appointment.


Fuel Calls


Out of gas? Not a problem, we can deliver some to you. (Price per gallon will apply)

Need diesel? Please give notice upon calling for assistance. (Price per gallon will apply)

(not all diesels will start right back up after running out of fuel, a tow might be necessary).

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